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TIme tracking in organisations 

Time tracking, all organisations have to deal with it. Whether it is about invoicing hours or managing project costs, you will need time tracking. Project Hours has a solution that works for many companies.

time tracking

Which time tracking system works for you?

Every organisation has its own ways. Many organisation use a branch-specific ERP tool that includes a time tracking component. Others have worked for many years with lists in Excel (link) or use paper work orders to track time.

Select a time tracking system

In the course of years many time tracking systems have been built. A quick solution is a time tracking system in Excel. At the other end of the spectrum are advanced systems with links to bookkeeping systems. Often bookkeeping software includes a time tracking module.

There is a lot of choice and that makes it difficult. Think about what you need for time tracking and choose wisely. Are invoices all you need or do you need to create tax reports as well? What about project costs reports? Do you work alone or do you need to track time with your team? Are you part of a larger organisation?

Time Tracking Features

Think about the features you need. Is enough to just fill in the hours or do you need a timer? You can also fill in start and end date and let the system calculate your time. Do you want to write hours directly on a project or do you need to specify activities and tasks?

Most time tracking systems offer a trial period, often without asking you for payment details. This is a great way of trying out some solutions, it will help you get a better understanding of what you are looking for. And it is all for free, no obligations.

EASY time Tracking app

An important success factor for time tracking is simplicity. Nobody wants to interrupt work for complex administrative tasks. Making time tracking as easy as possible gives the best guarantee for high quality time sheet data.

use a time tracking app?

We all have smartphones, it is the ideal device for time tracking. Not all of us have desk jobs, think of the construction industry or the health care sector. (link) It is much easier to use your mobile phone to track time.


Project hours time tracking tool

Project Hours gives you all you need in one user-friendly tool. Setting up your time tracking system is very easy, you can start in minutes. You can enter hours manually or use a timer. Project Hours is available on mobile phone, table and PC. The trial period of 2 months gives you ample time to try out all features (link) and determine if Project Hours suits your needs.


Uniform time tracking


Always up-to-date


Clear reports


Accessible everywhere

Time tracking

Track project time manually or use a timer.


Register materials used per project.

Project costs

Use hourly rates per user or per activity to calculate costs.


Report on total hours, materials used and total costs. (also in Excel)


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happy users

Maurizio G.
Maurizio G.
October 23, 2020.
Great project We use every days in our organization. very simple and clear. ☺I have ask some modifications, and in a quick time I have received what asked! great service, great software. ☹Nothing, is ok in all functions. very very clear.
Hans Peter N.
Hans Peter N.
October 13, 2020.
Simple and fast The solution is simple, completely web-based and far less expensive than the one we used before, which was more suitable for larger companies. ☺Simple and fast for keeping track of work hours in a small, project based business like ours. ☹I didn't find significant problems in structuring and using the tool.
Thomas D.
Thomas D.
October 10, 2020.
Users love it, and it produce excactly what we need in our project management Easy to set up, implement and about no learning curve. Users got it right away, and I got time registering in project from the very first day. All our employees started to use it right away, and it all is going smoothly. ☺Ease of use, versatile and not least complex to implement compared to the compeditors. ☹There is nothing "least" to like about Project Hours, it got what we need and saved us a ton of time implementing it.
Roy R.
Roy R.
May 6, 2020.
Simple and effective time tracking I was looking for a basic and affordable way to register how I spend my time and found this gem. It gives me great insights and as a bonus it comes with a nice mobile phone app. ☺Easy to configure and use, the best feature is the integrated timer. ☹It has all the features I need and didn't come across any issue.
Martien V.
Martien V.
May 5, 2020.
Easy to use Allthough it doesnt make time tracking more fun, it does make it easier for everybody... ☺Easy to set up en easy to use for my co workers ☹Could do with a few more feautures, like billing and calculating costs of project bij adding hourly rates of my co workers

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