New website 

New website for PROJECT HOURS

We keep adding features to PROJECT HOURS but the web site had stayed behind somewhat. Our new website has an improved structure and contains more information. There is a feature page and a FAQ page with frequently asked questions.

New website Project Hours Time Tracking

new design

There is a new design with fresh colours. New images give a better impression of the product. More attention is paid to SEO, this will increase the visibility of PROJECT HOURS in search engines.

improved FAQ

Users have questions. The quickest way to find an answer is a FAQ page with frequently asked questions. The new page answers questions about your time tracking setup, about how users can enter time and about subcriptions and invoices. This makes using PROJECT HOURS even easier!

Tips & tops?

To give you a better idea of the possibilities of time tracking we wrote a few articles about time tracking. Read about time tracking in Excel and create a simple time tracking system yourself. The article about time tracking in construction describes some requirements for time tracking in the construction industry. Let us know what you need in your sector, we are alway looking for new ways to improve PROJECT HOURS!