Time tracking Features

PROJECT HOURS has a user-first approach. Our goal is to keep the system simple to use. You will only find features that make life easier for you. Check below for all available features.


Track hours

Write hours on projects and activities.

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Register time

It is easy to register hours in Project Hours. Select a project and a date and enter the amount of hours. That’s it. Optionally you can specify an activity and add a comment. The hours you write are listed immediately in a daily or weekly overview.

Use our mobile app to register start and end time. Project Hours will calculate the amount of hours you have worked.



Use a timer

Start a timer and start working. Stop the timer and store time when your are done.

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Timer feature

You can use the Project Hours timer to track time spent on projects and activities. You can pause the timer. If needed you can edit the time entry after stopping the timer, for instance if you want to add a comment. The timer is available in the browser and the apps.


Define your projects and activities

Before your start you must define your projects and activities

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Define projects and activities

In Project Hours it is very easy to define a structure for your projects. Define a list of projects and add some activities if needed and you are ready to start tracking time! You can specify activities specific for projects but you can also mark activities to be available for all projects. This saves time, you won’t have to specify the same activities over and over again.




Create a planning

Compare planned hours with actual hours written.

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Create a planning

With planned hours in Project Hours you can check if your planning is in line with actuals hours written by users. Planned hours and registered hours are displayed in an overview for comparison. You can filter on users and view totals per project.

Register materials

Store material usage and costs for your projects.

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Register materials

You can create a list of materials in Project Hours. Users can track the materials they use on a project each day. You can specify a price per unit to calculate costs. For flexibility you can also choose to let users specify costs.


Set hourly rates

Use hourly rates to calculate costs.

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Configure hourly rates

There are several ways to set hourly rates in Project Hours.

  • Set a fixed rate per user.
  • Set a fixed rate for each activity. In this way users can apply diffent hourly rates for their work.
  • Or create a list of hourly rates that users can select from when writing time. This is the most flexible way, it allows for applying a seperate hourly rate for each combination of project and activity.

Keep it save

All network data is encrypted.

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Project Hours encrypts all data that goes over the network. This happens with TLS (Transport Layer Security). You can recognize this by the https address and the padlock in front of the address in the browser. This encryption mechanism is also applied to network connections of our mobile apps.

The data is stored in a database on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Only Project Hours can access the data.


Use the app or the browser

Project Hours is available on all your devices.

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Use our app or your browser

You can track time on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Project Hours has mobile apps for iPhone and Android and is available via the web browser. All base functionality is available in the apps, reports and some admin tasks like manage hourly rates are only available in the browser.


Create overviews

Select a time period and view total time and costs per project.

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Create overviews

Project Hours has several pages for creating overviews. You can filter on a time period with start and end date.

  • Totals for hours and costs per project, activity or user.
  • A detailed overview per project of all time entries including comments.

Overviews can be used used for invoicing or to justify project costs.



Download Excel reports

Download files with all hour entries for further processing.

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Download excel reports

You can download several reports as Excel files.

  • Weekly statements for users with totals per day, per project and activity.
  • Totals for time and costs per user over a period of time.
  • Detailed report with all time entries with costs and comments.

You can filter on projects and a time period with start and end date.

Link with Google Calendar

Link up your time tracking administration with your company’s calendar.

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Sync with Google Calendar

You can integrate Project Hours with your company’s Google calendar. All hour entries will be displayed and synchronized in the Google Calendar. Organisations use this for planning and overview of project work.




Project Hours is available in English and Dutch.

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Select a language

You can select English or Dutch as UI language. Everything in Project Hours is translated, also details like column names in reports. We plan to add more languages in the future.

Add new users

Manage users for your organisation.

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User Management

Project hours has a user management module that is easy to use.

  • Add, update and remove users. You can set users to inactive or reactivate users.
  • Specify which projects each user is allowed to see.
  • Create user groups for reporting.
  • You can make other users administrators to allow managing project, activities and reports.

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