Time tracking in Construction industry

Time Tracking in Construction

As an entrepreneur you know how important time tracking is. You will have teams working on projects on different locations. Usually your company runs multiple projects and each projects requires people and materials. How do you keep track of all these resources?

Time tracking in construction

work orders on paper a bygone era

Work orders on paper, who hasn’t used them? Scribble down your hours and on Friday afternoon someone in the office will process all work orders manually. This is prone to errors, work orders get lost or they are not completely filled in. Today there are better solutions. Digital time tracking is easier and reduces the amount of errors. Time tracking apps on your smart phone are a very convenient way to track time and materials.

mobile app for easy time tracking

We all own a smartphone. For easy time tracking in the construction industry PROJECT HOURS developed mobile apps for Android and iPhone. You can track hours and materials conveniently on your phone.  No need for administration work on laptop or in the office. Use user management to authorize users for projects.  This makes it easier for employees, they don’t have to choose from long lists op projects. Employees can enter hours directly or register start and end time, PROJECT HOURS will calculate the total amount of hours. Check all features to compare with your requirements.


Track costs with hourly rates

Construction companies work with different hourly rates for employees and contractors. It goes without saying that this complicates tracking of costs. Project Hours has a very flexible hourly rate feature. You can specify a fixed hourly rate for each employee, separate hourly rates for activities or  you can let your employees select an hourly rate when entering time.

Register materials in construction

Track materials For your projects

Materials make up an important part of your costs. It is important to have a good overview of material used on your projects. You will get a better understanding of spending and it will be easier to create invoices.

Use Project Hours to track materials. Specify all your materials once and let your employees register usage on site. You can specify a price to calculate costs. For flexibility you can choose to let users fill in costs directly. Use the overviews per project to create invoices. This makes it easier for all of us, it is a great way to get necessary administration done as quickly as possible.

EASY time tracking in construction industry

An important success factor for time tracking is simplicity. Nobody wants to interrupt work for complex administrative tasks. Making time tracking as easy as possible gives the best guarantee for high quality time sheet data.

reports and weekly statements

The first step is an easy way to track time but needless to say that a good overview of totals hours and costs is equally important. Project Hours has overview pages or you can download reports in Excel. The overviews offer total time and materials used per project. You can also download a detailed report of all time and material entries for a project. Weekly statements are available. From now on you will have your invoices ready in no time.

The time tracking tool for the construction industry

Project Hours offers construction companies a complete time tracking process. Easy time and materials entry on site and convenient reports in the office. All this for only for €2 per month per user.


Uniform time tracking


Always up-to-date


Clear reports


Accessible everywhere

Time Tracking

Track project time manually or use a timer.


Register materials used per project.

Project Costs

Use hourly rates per user or per activity to calculate costs.


Report on total hours, materials used and total costs. (also in Excel)


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