Project Hours continuously improves based on feedback from a valued customer. That is why we added a feature to categorize activities in Project Hours. For instance to mark certain activities as billable hours while other activities are not billable. In this way it is possible to report on total billable hours per project.

Define your categories

The way it works in Project Hours is as follows. First define your categories in the admin module. Next, go to projects and categories admin page, select your activity and click on the button ‘link activity to categories’. Now you will get a pop-up screen where you can select the categories you want to link to the selected activity.  Repeat this for each activity you want to categorize.

create a report

Now you are all setup to report total hours per category! Project Hours provides an Excel report with total hours per category. The Excel report also contains a section with totals for each category per report. This will give you a good overview of where time spent per project.

AUtomate Your Reports

Are you using Excel to create overviews? This might be an opportunity to automate your work. Instead of manually compiling all time tracking data that users hand in, you can use a time tracking system to do the work for you. Let your employees track hours with Project Hours. You will save a lot of time, both on time entry and creating reports.

Tips & tops?

We hope this feature is a useful addition to Project Hours. Please try it out! If you have any comments or tips for improvement, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. This will help us to collect valuable feedback for further improvements.