Nobody likes time tracking. Unfortunately time tracking cannot be avoided because it is needed for invoicing or to get insights in project work. To reduce effort, efficient time tracking is important. An efficient time tracking process also increases the accuracy of hours tracked.

A time-consuming part of time-tracking is the approval of time entries. Often managers must go through long lists of time entries to check and approve worked hours. This is a tedious process and prone to errors.

efficient Time Entry Approval

To make approval of time entries more efficient, a Project Hours customer came up with the request to let team leads approve hours for their teams on their mobile phone. In this way all approval work does not accumulate with one person at a back office. Also it is less work for one person to approve hours for a small team. Many users like to track time on their mobiles, not everybody has a desk and a laptop available.

Approve Time Entries

NOW available in Project Hours

This feature is now available in Project Hours. You can set up approval groups that reflect your team. Each team can have one or more members that are allowed to approve hours for their co-workers. Once time entries for a period are approved, employees can no longer add or update time entries for that period.


Apart from improving the time tracking process, in this way the team has more responsibility for time tracking on their projects. This makes teams more independent. In the end, time sheets must be completed in time, but at least the chasing to get time sheets completed can stay within the team. This works better than someone  from the outside that must come in and ensure time sheets are completed. Interested in self-steering teams? Read more in this article: Self-steering teams: heaven or hell?


Finally, it is because of  invaluable customer feedback that Project Hours continues to improve. Above is a good example of such an improvement. Certainly there will be more to follow, there are more useful requests in the pipeline that must be added to Project Hours, like automated reminders and approval of holiday and absence time.